Beliefs & Core Foundations

A core foundation of the Kingdom is understanding that we build around two considerations, primarily;

1. Practicality
2. Immersion

We build our structures and organise around what it means to be part of a gaming community with practicality and functionality in mind. This means there are meta (non-in game) considerations that help us administer to the community and provide an environment that allows our citizens to clearly identify where they belong and where they want to get to – mapping out connections between citizens and groups and making it easy to organise the community.

Around this structure we build a thematic (role play) element that allows for an immersive view of why these things are how they are in-game. This could be viewed as Lor Voskara’s unique culture in Elyria. This is very much an elective choice that is provided to allow citizens, who wish to do so, to immerse themselves in their play environment and interact with our structure in a flavourful way.


Core pillars of Lor Voskara

Community: We will maintain a place where everyone can come and enjoy the game together, working together for a common purpose and shared goals. We will maintain a mature, inclusive environment that does not tolerate drama. All playstyles and commitment levels welcome.

Prosperity: While neither a closed community nor economy – a coin spent in Lor Voskara is a coin that stays with the citizens. Emphasis will be placed on seeking goods locally first before seeking them externally. We will work towards a self-sufficient community that together in solidarity brings prosperity to all.

Stability: Changes to core tenets and principals are not made lightly. You can settle with confidence, knowing that the Lor Voskara way of life is not subject to the ‘rule of cool’ or any brash decision making.

Role Play: We encourage all citizens to immerse themselves in their desired role, however we do not force this playstyle. We respect all playstyles and understand that roleplay and normal play need not be conducted in a mutually exclusive environment.