Caste System

“He makes the coffins, you write about the battle, and I supply the corpses.”

– Marshall Valen Xakorai, describing the caste system.

Why the caste system:

Based loosely on Georges Dumézil's trifunctional hypothesis, Lor Voskara's caste system attempts to clearly define what each member of the kingdom is doing and creates a familiar ‘role’ that citizens would be comfortable with in a more traditional MMO. It also helps identify gaps or needs for the kingdom and provides opportunity for citizens to become involved or connect with services they require – strengthening the community as a whole.

The caste system is not restrictive and any lore surrounding it is just to provide flavour. Functionally a citizen can change their caste at any stage they wish.

Lor Voskara society is structured around three quasi-ethnic castes. Membership in a caste is generally a hereditary matter - children of parents from one caste will usually follow their parents. When coming of age, children who have a deep feeling for a different caste can join that caste, but this must be announced or the child will be caste with their parents to lessen administrative burden. The castes are not as limited as their titles would suggest, and to some degree try to be self-sufficient.

The three castes:

Scholar Caste:


Often misunderstood as purely mystics, the Scholar Caste is actually one that concerns itself with the cultural advancement of the Kingdom. They are academia, religious figures, followers of the arts and officials. The Scholar caste provide the identity that is the Kingdom, they are primarily concerned with:

• Enriching and contributing to the Kingdom’s culture (arts & religion)

• Administrating for, and on behalf of, the Kingdom (laws & structure)

• Advancing the prospects of citizens (research, academia, knowledge)

Warrior Caste:

Members of this caste serve as the soldiers of the military, protectors of the citizenry of Lor Voskara, adventurers and sell swords. They are occupied with training, coordinating or engaging in skill at arms. The Warrior caste provides the strength and skill for the citizenry to live free of fear and oppression and are primarily concerned with:

• Enforcing and protecting the sovereignty of Kingdom of Lor Voskara;

• Enforcement of the law and protection of the citizens;

• Adventuring, mercenary work and exchange of combat for profit.

Worker Caste:

Traditionally, workers are the most numerous of the castes and represent a significant portion of the citizens of the kingdom. This number is both reflective of the scope of the business that workers conduct and foundation by which they allow the kingdom to flourish. Worker caste citizens are primarily occupied with:

• Primary industry such as mining, agriculture, or forestry, that is concerned with obtaining or providing natural raw materials for conversion into commodities and products for citizens.

• Secondary industry that converts the raw materials provided by primary industry into commodities and products for the citizenry;

• Trade and mercantile investment, relating primarily to commerce.