Duchies of LV

Duchies of Lor Voskara

Duchy of Lorandor

Lorandor is the royal seat of the Kingdom of Lor Voskara, ruled by House Xakorai. Situated within the Grand Duchy of Rh'torum, Lorandor is the cultural and spiritual heart of the Kingdom and boasts the finest academies and institutions available to citizens. Lorandor is about perfection in your chosen field and the ability to self express to maximise creative potential.

To this end King Xakorai has long held to the belief that the arts, scientific research and religion should go hand in hand to enhance the potential that is Lorandor and Lor Voskara as a whole.

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Duchy of Ki Nora

Ki Nora stands as the vanguard of Lor Voskara, formerly lands that saw warring clans fight for resources and territory. Now united under the leadership of the house Valentine that works together to focus on the betterment of itself and its kingdom by war games, festivals and trades. Mimir, its capital resides in the mountain ranges of the duchy where it keeps watch of the borders between it and the other kingdoms while

keeping a balance between rural and military aspirations. While using their large port for trade and naval avenues, Ki Nora embodies the ideals of growing stronger from the chaos of the world and chooses to find a way to live within life's challenges and hardships instead of working to suppress these trails that would see their people overcome and rise above such things with not only strength but the wisdom of it.

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Duchy of Vorhut

Set in the Arid deserts of Lor Voskara, Vorhut and the proud race of Waerd whom inhabit the northern lands are on the frontier of life within the Kingdom. Bred for war, most young Vorhutians learn to wield a weapon from a young age. Ready to serve the kingdom to the death in its defense. Vorhut is also home to the Legion der Eisernen Ritter, the knight elite of the realm formed from the tales of the exploits of knights from an early crusade, in which it is a massive honour to be chosen to serve. Bordering the northern kingdoms, Vorhut also aims to provide a hub for trade and a place to rest for travellers wishing to travel to other parts of the kingdom, as a starting point along the silk road winding its way through the lands.

While the military is the main focus of Vorhut, all those whom wish to serve the kingdom of Lor Voskara are welcome in any capacity, be they traders, crafters or wanderers. Currently, anyone familiar with food production in the harsh desert are of need, as will be weapon and armour smiths to provide weapons and armour to the army.

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