King Alerxius Xakorai

Alerxius Xakorai (Omicronus) backed at the king level just after the update to the store pledges. Not being satisfied with the values and direction of the different communities on Oceanus (APAC) King Xakorai decided to put his money where his mouth is and create the kind of community he wanted to be a part of – and so Lor Voskara was founded. Needless to say Xakorai is financially and emotionally invested in nurturing a kingdom that is not only functional, but a pillar of the APAC community.

While being approachable and not easily shaken, King Xakorai is also a strong believer in meritocracy and hand picks individuals who display drive and initiative for leadership positions, regardless of any physical ‘rank’. The best people for relevant jobs are selected on life experience and what capabilities they can bring to the table to better the kingdom and game experience for the community.

Kingdom Foundation Date: 14th of Feburary, 2017.

Becoming a part of Lor Voskara means you are becoming part of a mature, active and supportive community - this provides a unique experience and environment for citizens:

• You have the certainty of dealing with a defined structure allowing you to grow and shape your gaming experience with like minded understanding people.

• Your potential is not limited by convoluted meta drama, your potential is only limited by your drive to achieve.

• You have the benefit of knowing what to expect, free of the whims of ‘micro kingdoms’ and obtuse leadership styles, allowing you to develop your interests and prosper.

• You are valued and protected by the Kingdom and its leadership, each and every citizen is respected and encouraged to contribute as much as they wish.

• You will be part of one voice, one direction that puts you and your prosperity at the centre of its ethos.